Produced by International Jazz Day AZ Foundation in Partnership with The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships


International Jazz Day AZ is a music education foundation that works to promote, preserve, perpetuate, and encourage the music, culture, and heritage of communities in Arizona. Through our mission, we strive to create a supportive environment where young people can learn the art of jazz and develop their skills as musicians.

We believe that by educating students on jazz’s roots, we can help them understand the importance of this genre as an art form. Additionally, we work with local educators to provide workshops and performances with professional jazz musicians to expose students to different styles and techniques. We aim to foster a better appreciation for jazz music among its practitioners and audiences.

The Foundation has developed numerous programs and assets in service of this mission including free private lessons and instruments for young people at risk. The International Jazz Day AZ Foundation has a dedicated full-time volunteer staff to carry out the organization’s work.

Leading the charge is Chairman Willian “Doc” Jones. With over four decades of experience as a Professional Musician, Educator, recording artist, and entrepreneur, Doc Jones has established himself as a true legend in the field. He has had the honor of touring with renowned artists such as Otis of the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Pops Staple, and the Staple Singers, to name a few. Founded Doc Place, International Jazz Day AZ Foundation, and Jazz Town USA, an initiative to build affordable housing.

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But that’s not all – Doc has partnered with UNESCO and Herbie Hancock for the past ten years to promote International Jazz Day (April 30th). His mission has been producing Jazz Festivals that unite communities worldwide through their love for jazz music. And now, he is bringing this incredible celebration to the State of Arizona!

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